West End Grooming Services


Regrettably and rarely a pet will be injured during the grooming process. We all do this work for the love of the dog. No one wants to injure an animal, but given that we interact with living, often wiggly creatures, sometimes an accident will happen.  NO KNOWN INJURY GOES UNATTENDED OR UNANNOUNCED.

In case of an injury, we immediately take your dog to our vet at Lake Austin Boulevard Animal Hospital, or yours, if we know who it is, for treatment. We then call you to inform you of the circumstances. We always cover the expenses.

If an injury is discovered after the fact, we encourage you to tell us, take your dog to your vet, and send us the bill. These injuries usually entail a nicked ear, or foot pad, but are not life-threatening.

Most clients appreciate this. Without a doubt, the groomer is always devastated. Usually the dog doesn’t notice.

On the other side of the coin, since we have our hands all over your pets while they are in our company, we often discover maladies that the owner might have otherwise been unaware. Early detection of a tumor, for example, usually saves and or prolongs the life of a dog. Most clients appreciate this as well. We truly all have the same goal which is the health and happiness of the dogs.