West End Grooming Services


We are constantly humbled by the numbers of dogs who willingly allow us to do this work we love. It is important to us to honor this and help your pet feel as comfortable as possible during the stay at the shop.  We will refrain from forcing a dog to accept any or all of the grooming procedures if they become stressed or fearful. We want them to want to come back.

With that in mind, we may, on occasion, ask your dog to return for another visit to complete the grooming that was started. We offer “Table-training”, particularly for puppies, which involves a once a week, 2-3 hour visit to become accustomed to the environment and learn how to be handled by unfamiliar people.  Typically 3-4 sessions will do the trick. This service is offered at no charge.

If your dog is a heavy barker we will suggest you arrange to pick it up as early as possible. This will make him and his neighbors more comfortable.

We have never used tranquilizers, and frankly don’t know of anyone who does. (An old-fashioned myth perhaps?) However, you dog may very well be exhausted when he gets home. Being around so many other animals, and having so many things going on is very stimulating, exciting, and often tiring. Most dogs are used to sleeping all day while their family is away.

Most dogs who exhibit other-dog-aggression do very well at the shop, as they are never afforded an opportunity to fail. We reserve the right to send home a dog who is not compliant.

Fran with Maddie