West End Grooming Services


All grooming (Haircutting) is done by appointment and includes:

- Professional Clipping and Scissoring
- Two Baths
- Blow Dry by Hand
- Ear Plucking-as needed
- Nail Trimming
- Anal Gland Expression

We believe regular grooming greatly benefits the health of your dog. Brushing, clipping, and de-matting removes debris, shedding coat, and dry skin, allowing the skin to breathe, permitting the coat to remain strong and maintain its luster.

Dogs that are bred for coat often grow too much hair in their ear canals. If not removed, the ear canal can become blocked with hair, inviting infection. When we pluck the ears we remove just enough hair to open up the airway.

Additionally, with trim nails and reduced hair in the pads, your pet will be fleet of foot. Nails should not touch the ground, and too much hair on the bottoms can cause a dog to lose traction. This is especially important for older dogs. Nails can be clipped on a walk-in basis for $8.00.

Many dogs are unable to empty their anal glands without assistance. One school of thought is that, in smaller breeds particularly, the house training process, and asking the pet to “hold it” for hours at a time has been instrumental in this.  Whatever the reason, if the glands are not expressed often enough they can become impacted and even rupture. This is obviously painful and preventable. As stated this service is provided to all who come for grooming, but is also offered on a walk-in basis for $12.00

While many breeds have Standards for grooming, to which we are able and happy to adhere, we encourage your input in designing your dog’s haircut.  You have “permission” to have your dog clipped however you please. We will discuss all options with you, based on the condition of the coat. (Yes, we think Mohawks are fun too!)

It may take 1-2 visits for us to fine tune your “recipe”, but we welcome your opinion and feedback. We want you to enjoy your dog’s haircut! If, for any reason, you are less than pleased, we invite you to come back (within 7 days) so we can make it as you wish.
When a dog’s coat is too matted for the haircut you desire we will inform you. Matted fur is very detrimental to the skin; impeding air- flow, trapping  in moisture, often resulting in sores or rashes.

If we are unable to brush, comb, or use thinning shears, without causing discomfort to your dog, we will stop the process. We choose not to inflict pain and alienate the good will of your dog. In these instances we have no choice but to cut the hair shorter.

We are always happy, time permitting, to arrange for a brushing lesson so you can maintain your pet between haircuts. We offer services for any part of the grooming you may need between appointments. You don’t have to wait until your dog needs a full haircut to come in. Call on us with any problems you have in the interim. This increases the odds that your dog will be able to get the clip you want because it will be in good shape.

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